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Frequently Asked Questions

Deductible is the amount of bills for which you are responsible until the company shares in the costs. If you had an 80/20 plan, the company would pay 80% of the bills and you would be responsible for 20% after the deductible is met. After you reach your out of pocket max, then the company will pay 100% of the bills until you reach your lifetime max.
If you are enrolled in a health plan that is compatible with a health savings account (HSA), then you can set up an HSA through the financial institution of your choice after you have a policy # on your health plan. We suggest that you set one up before you need to go to the doctor so that you can use the tax deductible funds for your first visit.
Either call the company directly or call me. Be sure to have the Vehicle ID # (VIN) and any loan/lease info. You have 2 weeks to take care of this paperwork, but it’s usually best to handle it right away.
You don’t need to buy the insurance if you have a MN car insurance policy in force, are renting the car for pleasure (not business) in the USA or Canada, the vehicle is a “normal” car size and the value is under $35,000.
MN Department of Vehicle Services
This state website has lots of useful info. You'll find telephone numbers of those elusive auto licensing centers, Accident report forms, address changes online, and THIS IS GREAT, no more standing in line...YOU CAN RENEW YOUR TABS ONLINE.

You can buy or sell used cars here. Thousands to choose from. Great search and research features. A personal favorite.

Here's a great place to find the value of your used cars, boats, rv's, etc.

Institute for Highway Safety
Good site if you are interested in comparing safety of vehicles. Gives crash test results, offers educational videos.